The NorthWest Wine Summit

Hello, and welcome to the NorthWest Wine Summit competition!

News / Updates

Due to the passing of the NWWS Founder, Parks Redwine, our current plan is to take a year off to regroup, and resume the competition in 2020.

Dates and Locations

The next competition's date will be around the same time of year in 2020, with the location to be determined.


We are dedicated to producing the most competent judging experiences for wineries, judges and consumers. To that end, we:

  • Select a judging panel composed equally of wine makers from the region and wine professionals (journalists, distributors, retailers, sommeliers) and knowledgeable consumers from around the USA.
  • Employ technology to manage the more clerical aspects of the competition so that judges can focus on the wines rather than the judging process; and to assure that the judges results are promptly and accurately recorded.
  • Impose strict quality controls and independent reviews of the wines being judged. If there is any question, for any reason, that a wine is not at its best, a backup bottle will be used.

Important Information

Entry into the competition for wine requires 3x 750ml, or 4x 375ml bottles.
For spirits, only 2 750ml bottles or equivalent per entry are required.
We recommend you send your wines early so they may rest, and that they are clearly labeled for the NorthWest Wine Summit, "Samples for Judging Only - No Commercial Value".


The NorthWest Wine Summit is managed by VinoChallenge, LLC. It focuses on exclusively wines, ciders, sake, and spirits produced in the NorthWest, specifically from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.